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Parent's Prayer & Parent Network Pledge


Dear God, Thank You for the gift of my children. Help me to love them as much as You love them. Help me to teach them to love You. Help me to teach them right from wrong and to obey Your commandments. Help me to set the right example because they will learn more from my actions than from my words. Help me to discipline with love, to be firm with understanding, and to listen before I speak. Help me to praise more than I criticize. Help me to always remember that You have a plan for them and it might not be the same as mine. Please God, help me be the best parent I can possibly be. I rely on You for everything, and this day I trust my child to You and release him/her into Your hands.



We want to join others in our community in a mutual effort to benefit

both our children and ourselves as their parents.


Many schools have adopted the PARENT NETWORK PLEDGE. Each school’s pledge may vary.

Please consult your own school’s pledge for specifics. We encourage each parent to adopt the following pledge:


“I will not willfully or knowingly:

- allow parties or gatherings in my home when I am not there,

- serve or allow youth under the legal drinking age to consume alcohol or use other drugs in my home or on my property,

- ignore curfews mandated by law or allow unchaperoned trips.”


We choose to adopt this pledge because we believe that our children need and benefit from a unified statement of positive standards and values, because we are concerned about the increasing acceptance of adolescent and pre-teen use of drugs, primarily alcohol, as a normal part of growing up, and because we are concerned that the increasing lack of appropriate limits for our children is detrimental to their healthy development. 





Published by Parent Network of Catholic High Schools, June, 2013...................................................