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Mixer Recommendations


The Parent Network of Catholic High Schools, in response to concerns expressed by parents, recommends the following to our member high schools, parents, and students regarding Catholic School Mixers:

We are asking for a cooperative effort from schools, parents, faculty, and students, to understand our roles in providing a safe environment for teens to meet and have fun.  Mixers are an opportunity for our teens to gather in a safe environment. As part of a Catholic community, we ask for your support in guiding our teens. Our awareness is that there are varying types of behavior and policies at the hosting schools, including parent involvement and student behavior.  We hope to garner a combined effort of schools, parents and students in seeking a partnership of cooperation of all involved parties in taking responsibility for the success of mixers.

We are looking for the following from Schools, Parents and Students:


Safety- set numbers allowed: following fire codes

Dress code- documented on ticket- standards of acceptable dress- including enforcement of dress code by providing t-shirts and leggings to rent or buy

Adult at door to assess

Use of tickets- pre-sell tickets

Chaperones- Set ratio of adults to teens (Example of best practices-current member school set ratio of 1 adult for every 25 teens.)

Behavioral expectations for teens

No alcohol or drugs

Monitor in parking lot

Police presence



Discuss with child where they are going and what they are wearing

Be aware of dress code-Standards of dress- skin covered

Be aware of start and end times.  Do not drop teen in parking lot

Behavioral expectations- Catholic morals for teens -Assess activity

No alcohol or drugs



Understand and adhere to dress code- don’t ignore

Only come if you have a ticket

Respect property

Respect start and end times of mixer

Proper behavior becoming of Catholic teen

No alcohol or drugs

Have fun- meet and mix with other teens